Music which influenced my choices in life
hobby and music
Intro @ghaggart intrigued me with a task to choose 10 albums that greatly influenced my taste in music. One disc per day, 10 consecutive days. No explanations, no reviews, just album covers.
Developer. OS. Just a simple, personal,.. lifecycle
windows, macOS, and linux
Intro There is no reason nor significance in this post but whatever.
Self-sign your local web project served by nginx
ssl, self-sign, and nginx
Intro Over the past year occasionally visited websites without https and noticed some login forms show a dropdown informing me I’m not on https. Some fancy newly upgraded browser I thought, ey! That plus internet is going forward and forcing or encouraging to use ssl configured websites. Good. One evening said “hey I should make it happen to my local with let’s encrypt”. Apparently it needs to be publicly available. For local projects I just need to follow few ‘simple’ steps.
Fruitless attempts to get the FrontEnd right
jQuery, CSS, Semantic UI, and mobile
Why? Received a kind notification from Google about my account being inactive on some pages. Erm, okay.. Decided to do some button pressing this day. Then dived into too deep and started fiddling with website itself. Especially never used nor seen jquerymobile thingy and figuring out “why you semantic-ui don’t provide collapsing menu, huh?”
How to upgrade PHP7.x on Ubuntu
PHP7, php-fpm, and nginx
Intro Been waiting for PHP7 to come out and be available in usual Ubuntu repos but successfully ignored my ability to Google for that, xe. Finally, picked one evening and followed several how-to’s in order to set up as properly as possible php-fpm + nginx. Shortly after PHP7.1 came out and I simply could not be bothered to figure out an upgrade.
Compiled 26 September 2020