Donatas Martinkus

Senior software engineer

I am a software engineer who got sucked into the world of internet. Journey started as a functional php front-end based copy-paster and look where it got me now. Did some serious Scala multi-microservice jugglery to serve different purpose of API and now spreading my mana to cast spells from Spring Boot magic book!

No surprise occasionally have to get my mittens into doing some DevOps which I don't quite fancy but hey - sometimes it has to be done

At the beginning of 2016 I have also been assigned to lead the team of Juniors who showed up quite knowledgeable and driven - very keen to learn and produce good results for sophisticated software

Sometimes I find the time and passion to discover/remember something new. For example, took a famous course of Machine Learning by Andrew Ng in Coursera. Why not?


As the years go by I seem to have gained more and more responsibilities

  • Becoming a father
  • Also a husband!
  • Going contracting
  • Getting my first car and drive after 6y of absence (oh boy what a challange it was. In UK!)
  • Back and forward: now back in Lithuania
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