Websites are not my favourite activity because then I have to deal with a client and, usually, they are really hard to communicate with. Especially when knowledge about business, production, even minor technical questions are UFOs. Any download button will NOT have source code

Conway's Game of Life

Since I don’t even remember when.. from the moment I read about Game of Life in one book about games one can play I never lost the excitement about it. During childhood sometimes full carpet was laid with various tools representing living cells and I could go for hours. Then Macromedia Flash came. And so on..

Of course, after school when I started studies, there were a lot of other activities to take care so obviously such excitement has gone but I’m always happy to see such development in one or another place. So here’s a nasty javascript code (to run on this window!)

Published: 05-2018

PHP7, Twig, and OpenCart

As a family and as a distinguished provider we launched the DonaLora shop to put out on the market some decent yarns which are not easy to find in UK. Especially when main goal to customers is/are “acrylic” yarn. No further comments. This has to be fixed and DonaLora is trying to do that. Unfortunately it is hard to mend the human mind but at least I can do that via my own page by saying all this. Please support. Please buy. Please spread the word

Published: 06-2018

PHP7, Twig, composer, and Doctrine

Revival of an excellent framework. Not because a guy I know made/created it, but I think it is a great example of a PHP usage.

Raised to myself personal goals to make good use of a framework

Published: 06-2017

Automatic akka routing from resource files

An idea came while dealing with multiple microservices at work and constantly having to manage resource endpoints. Wanted to simply define them and apply service method. Probably sounds like already done by Play framework, but it’s quite a huge library and really didn’t want get down that road. Moreover, I got the chance to face the difficulties myself!

Published: 01-2017

Web page extractor to static files

All websites extracted using this tool

Published: 10-2015


Refurbished web for Atma with latest technology using wordpress continuous integration. I believe Atma is a society who tries to propagate health for humans based on hindu or whichever branch(es) from the area are. Initial template I choose pretty slick and neutral, as requested, but then I gave access to customers to update their vision as they seem to fit. To my eyes it wasn’t quite “neutrally coloured”.

The project and idea was great from technical perpective. And I think wordpress provided with everything I needed:

  • Event calendar
  • Event tickets/bookings
  • Gallery which is represented as blog entry

Everything was pretty much implemented but… Classical customer-developer conversation happened and never agreed on technicalities. Therefore test website stayed on my personal hosting account until late 2016 - when moved away from hosting to GitHub pages

Probably last straw for me doing any websites for others than work entitlement

MSM Consultancy

Personal page for real estate agent

First time I decided to not go into discussion about hosting etc and simply put up wordpress site

Published: 08-2014

Ramausta ltd.
xFrame, Twig, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, SASS, and composer

A quick mock-up for private company “Ramausta” situated in Vilnius, Lithuania. Website is purely for representing the company as a retailer. Design made by Arūnas

I was still very strict about using CMS. Took same technologies I’ve been using for years which gave me flexibility. Design-wise some elements were really hard

Personal opinion: I believe marketing could be done differently giving the line of business they are running. Personal web is a good initiative just poorly executed and I did not receive any requests for updates. So it stayed in a, kind of, WIP state

Published: 11-2013

jQuery and CSS

Playing around with jquery and arrow keys

Worked on: 12-2012 - 01-2013

Compiled 31 July 2019