There is no reason nor significance in this post but whatever.

Developer sparkles

University was quite a change. Those who been through will understand, I hope. Those who are still to enbark on this journey - just believe. If you haven’t done anything serious in your life - you’ll end up learning it eventually. Hard way.

I think my short experience in university was actually quite.. good? Even though our/my profile was mathematical/stochastic but we got fair amount of programming tasks. Those were my favourites. Why do it small. I did it. Did it big time. At least for young apprentice such as myself.

Windows era

All this time was just purely windows. One version or another. At least back in a day we could deal with it and look after it. Everything worked: occasional recreation with games, movies, office stuff, brainless minesweaper, uni/work demands. All was windows. Could not even think that it is a good idea to switch to any other OS.

Linux era

..then came the real learning curve! Good friend offered me job but demanded to be on Linux. Drooled quite some time on it but since we started with Ubuntu - can’t go thaaat bad. Soon sudo apt-get update was a muscle memory and all those apt-get commands as well. Doing nightly releases. Doing daily projects. Everything.

Linux made me feel powerful, in control. And still in access of other features I mainly used in windows era: movies, games.

Since not much of a gamer so my needs were small. Satisfied enough.

MacOS era

I remember I was like wth. Googled how to take a screenshot and this guy saw me and in a shouting way elaborated his knowledge how can he show me how I should screenshot on mac. Gee. I got it. Let me work. And I worked. And it worked. Anything I needed - it worked.

If I had to do anything extra - I don’t remember already. It. Just. Worked.

Back to the Linux

But ever since I wanted Linux. It just stuck to me. Fitted best.

Well, I had various Linux OS’s on my personal laptop. Challanges surpassed, one thing led to another - I’m finally using laptop for work. And home.

Both Linux. Both.. same laptop. Years have gone and software offers so much nowadays comparing to what I’ve started. I’m switching workspaces without any problems. This version - Fedora - is doing pretty great. Still a bit too in advance and current work requirements can’t keep up but there is a plan.

I think this was the best move.

Until further adventures. Honestly, MacOS was enforced by companies I worked with. I don’t complain. Would choose it too for next venture. But strongly will push Linux. Always.

Only one blocker right now: docker. Need it to be withing cgroup v2. Or everything to be supported by podman. It is getting close actually. Development continues