@ghaggart intrigued me with a task to choose 10 albums that greatly influenced my taste in music. One disc per day, 10 consecutive days. No explanations, no reviews, just album covers.

I wouldn’t vouch on word “greatly” but let’s vaguely assume those bands/albums shaped my flavours, likes.. etc

Original response to the task

FB link as per challenge requirements. P.S. might not necessarily work in the future. You know - development. Facebook..


Although task said no explanations but it was important to me a lot and somehow I just wanted to down my memory lane. So I will allow myself to drift into the journey of my past to figure out why how when all this happened. As much as I can

Original list

  1. Roxette - Joyride
  2. Queen - Innuendo
  3. Metallica - Master of puppets
  4. Iron Maiden - Powerslave
  5. Symphony X - The divine wings of tragedy
  6. Be’lakor - Of blood and bone
  7. Saturnus - Veronika decides to die
  8. Forest Stream - The crown of winter
  9. Russian Circles - Station
  10. Kauan - Sorni nai

Section 1-2

As far as I can remember, I should be thankful to my parents. Providing with cassettes of rock music. Maybe it was my father. At this point - I don’t know. But have a strong suspicion.

We had Boney M, Roxette, this Russian band I didn’t know at that time and at that time I was particularly crossed with Russian anything. Must be the soviet oppression making a mark on me.

Back to it. I think it was DDT. Can’t really tell. Nevertheless, cassette player was spinning those often enough. Can’t compete who was doing it more: my father or me.

During this time a lot has happened. Can’t really recall everything right now but definitely - a lot

As growing kid, being a bit rebellious as I can within boundaries, we used to listen to this radio station. Ha! As I remember it was called “After 3” which symbolically started at 3pm. After school, not quite after grown-up working hours. Perfect for messing around with kids. So I did. “Tomaz” and “Maraz” were the presenters of this show. It was fun and enjoyable couple of hours for me until mom came back home and switched back to national stations :facepalm:

That show. Gave me a lot of similar and more rock-ish flavours back then I could not get. And perhaps many other flavours

Section 3-4

I grew up. Was still a youth - troubled guy. But my friend had his own dilemmas in life. And influences. He’s a very good friend nevertheless - if you reading this, know - I thank you a lot for this section in my musical life choices.

Moving from such thing as Queen Headlong (or whichever song you’ll choose) to Metallica is a drastic change. But it immediately triggered in me. I remember this Spring situation when we used to clean-up our windows. Ha. Brings cheeky smily to me right now. I stick in Master Of Puppets cassette and flipping doing my choirs. Those choirs actually became very enjoyable.

Time flies. Same friend introduced Iron Maiden. Back then I wasn’t ready for it - too much in Metallica. But exploration features lived somewhere deep in me.

Started with Manowar (I saw M and after Metallica ir was good enough to me). Was amazed by the epics of those lyrics and riffs. Soon after it finally followed with Iron Maiden, hence - in the list. Definitely a huge influence in further musical choices

The journey begins

As the thread of explorer triggered in - a lot has happened. It is difficult to decide what comes next. What is more relevant than another. I still listened to a lot of other genres even though rock music played super main role in my life. So after lot’s of years I met this guy. Uni days. And he was into power metal stuff. Many made fun of him but hey - I’m not many. I never supported that “many” notion.

So we started exchanging not only daily conversations but music as well. Probably out of everything, and it is not necessarily his influence in the next (#5) choice - Symphony X should go next. Significant change like 10000 percent. A lot of flavours. A lot of progress. And there has been a loooot of music. Not progressive, not rock, not metal… - a damn lot of music.

It was hard to beat my flavour. I came to the state that I don’t really care about music but I do care going to gigs. And I went there blindfolded. Never know what bands are or what they unveil - every time a surprise. And this position of mine did surprise me every time. Liked such state. Best memory about pleasantry of such choice was going to Immolation + Goatwhore gig. My gosh - the chat before the gig, during the gig, after gig - absolutely great experience.

Melodic Death

Specifically splitting this section as it played a big card on me. Lot’s of bands - Lithuanian, Swedish, Estonian etc - bands pleasing me. Spent loooot’s of time listening to this particular genre.

Back in a day I used to write reviews and news about some bands. I chose this genre to explore (myself) and represent to others. Be’lakor was one of the wows I had a chance to introduce to my fellow metalheads.

Later on I heard lot’s of more but I think one of those “exploration” things plays a serious part here. Like Ouroboros. My gosh!!! Can you think of a riff? Glorification of a myth already done it. Sorry

Go deeper

Saturnus came in.

And it came in..

It’s not like I haven’t heard doom metal before. Went to few gigs as well. When I heard Saturnus was something else. I must thank one person for that too.

Soon after there were lot’s of other doom bands. This guy showed me 3,14… and it was awesome. But as I have this opportunity to look back in time and summarise what how why - I think Saturnus secretly made a footprint in my musical flavours.

As I said - go deeper. Mentioned 3,14…… Those Russians.. Mentioned too.. At this time I finally switched off the mental panic about Russians. At least on musical selection. Forest Stream was the one. It so much sinked in me that I was about to book a holiday time from work and go to unknown land just to see them playing live. And it was a scary notion for me.

I’m done

After all this - I’m done. I’m done with aaaall the styles etc. I like this and don’t like that. I’ve been to post rock too.

..but! There comes Russian Circles. They triggered a new series of musical selections and gig attendances. I went to one. Instantly bought all discos from them. Then patiently waited for them to get on stage. Was a long hour :(.



I’m glad such band exists. Helped me in difficult times emotionally. And I preferred them over any other noise I heard while on bus to work.


Thank you.


I listen a lot to other bands too, which are pretty important for my person I live inside. You know, I listen to Ayreon a lot but they don’t fall into this section at all. I listened to Dream Theater for like 3 years nonstop. They don’t go in here either. I considered. But focused on actual turning points.

I still find things to amaze me. For example let’s pick post rock - some bands “meh” and some are “oh my!”. Such is “Sisters Of… - Follow me as a ghost”. Amazing album

The other week I turned on Anthriel - Chains of the past. Remember as clear as crystal: was going to allotment for some casual garden work and music player put this on. Best 13 minutes spent so far. And this tune is 10 years old! There is so much to explore. So much..

Once again I gaze the sunset without a friend

For years I’ve sought my task to fill my emptiness

I’ve been so lost on my journey

I hope I’m not alone, My friend of misery ;)

There can be lot of other references. I think I accidentally made one with Metallica song reference :)

I’ll stop. Just for outro outro, for goodnights and whatnot::

Just played: Queen - These are the days of our lives

Will play now: Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me